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City Overview

Delhi is the second-largest metropolitan city in India. It has a population of 11 million+. It is a federally-administered union territory also known as the National Capital Region (NCR). The city of New Delhi, which has been the capital of India since its independence, is located on the banks of River Yamuna and is a major political, cultural and commercial city. It acts as a trade route between northwest India and the Indo-Gangetic plains. New Delhi is housed with several ancient and medieval monuments, archaeological sites and remains.

Due to the political and commercial vibrance of Delhi, people migrated to this city from all parts of the country. Thus Delhi has grown to become a cosmopolitan city. Its rapid development and urbanization resulted in relatively higher average income of its population and has transformed Delhi into a vibrant commercial city comparable just next to Mumbai.

The economic profile of the city too supports the claim of Delhi to be called a rising mega city. Of the tertiary sector's contribution to Delhi's GSDP (about 80%), Business Services, Real Estate & Financial Institutions account for 31%, while Trade, Hotels and Restaurants account for 21%.

Due to it excellent connectivity by Road, Rail and Air, Delhi is a trading center and exports hub. Delhi is now well known for quality products in the fields of Garments, Electronics, Auto Components, Machine Tools, Engineering Items, Surgical Instruments, etc. It is a trading hub for food grains, fruits & vegetables, dry fruits, garments, clothes, electrical goods, bicycles, brass, books, chemicals, canvas, furniture, paper, etc.

Strengths of Delhi

Center of trade, commerce, banking, insurance, retail and entertainment.

High communication penetration compared to other Indian cities (1.5 million mobile phones, 2.4 million fixed phones).

Presence of Hi-tech industries like IT and Bio-technology.

Good number of Hotels & Restaurants to suit everyone's budget.

Excellent Rail, Road & Air links:

  • Separate International & Domestic Airports
  • 5 National Highways pass through Delhi
  • Modern and futuristic Delhi Metro
  • Flyovers / grade separators to decongest the city
  • 28,500 km of Road network
  • Transit point for northern states

Adequate Healthcare infrastructure & facilities.

Strong educational base with good number of quality schools and colleges.

Pollution control - a priority of the state government, with public vehicles running on CNG and efforts to relocate polluting industries from central areas to outside the city.

Improving Power infrastructure with private participation & power reforms.