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Tourist Info

Useful information for tourists visiting Delhi


Any foreign visitor must have a valid passport and visa, unless the visitor is from a country with which there is a Visa Exemption Agreement. For more information on visa requirements and associated fees, you may contact the Indian Embassy/ High Commission or Consulate Office in your country or view the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

Residents of Nepal and Bhutan, if entering India by land or air from India's Nepal and Bhutan borders respectively, do not necessarily require a passport. However, they are required to carry an authorized identity proof.

If your Visa is about to expire and you wish to extend your stay beyond, you may approach the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs for Visa extension, at the below address. Please note that change of Visa status from one category to another category is normally not allowed. It can be considered by the Ministry of Home Affairs, only under extraordinary circumstances.

Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division)
26, Jaisalmer House
Man Singh Road, New Delhi

Timings: 10 AM - 12 Noon on all working days (Monday to Friday)


Indian Rupee (INR). Convertible foreign currency can be exchanged at airports.

Hotels usually exchange major currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen. In the case of other currencies, please visit commercial banks.

Credit Cards

Major international credit cards are accepted at most hotels, department stores, shops & restaurants. Restaurants and shops generally display what cards they accept.


The standard voltage is 220 volts.

Time Zone

India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT and does not have daylight savings time.